Travel Mottos To Live By

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van life mottos to live by header image

Since starting this adventure, Charley and I have found that we often repeat the same phrases over and over again. Below are some of them to entertain or inspire you.

1. “Figure it out!”

thinking cap vanlife motto figure it out

This phrase comes out of frustration often times. When we find ourselves lost for direction or have a question that is unanswered by each other, we unapologetically say, “figure it out.” It sends a signal to the other that no matter what’s going on, put your thinking cap on and find a solution. Stat!

2. “Be 100%!”

vanlife motto 2 be 100 percent sign showing closed

There have been lots of times when one of us would put a location in the GPS only to get there and realize the place is closed or nonexistent. We end up wasting gas and time. We have learned to do our due diligence when looking into a location.

3. “We live here now.”

vanlife sleeping by mountains in the woods

This one came out of humor one night. We had been driving restlessly for a while to find a parking spot to sleep for the night. When we finally found a safe, secluded spot, I said, “we live here now.” Every time we find a new location to rest overnight, one of us says this phrase.

4. “I hope you’re nice today.”

Instead of saying “I hope you have a nice day,” I like to say, “I hope you’re nice today.” That’s because you can’t really control how your day will go. You could get a flat tire or someone could be rude to you. What you can control is how you react to those inevitable bad situations. If you act with kindness towards everyone, that positivity will spread out into the rest of your day.

What are the mottos you’ve picked up along your travels?

~ Jojo 🙂

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