How To Get Van Life Insta Famous (a comedy)

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header roam the dome instagram famous van life stars

After spending lots of time perusing social media for why some van dwellers are “insta famous” and others aren’t, I’ve noticed a trend. Read on for a list of ways to skyrocket your presence online for van life.

Note: this is for entertainment purposes only. 😛

1. Be really, really, ridiculously good looking.

vanlife model blue steel

It’s no surprise that most of those vanlife girls and guys with tens of thousands of followers on social media are super hot. Do yourself a favor, and become really good looking.

2. Show some skin.

van life famous show skin

This one is a no-brainer. Sex sells. So get on that bikini or speedo and start that photoshoot. Your followers will love that side boob action or that booty shot.

3. “Rescue” a pet (preferably a dog).

vanlife dog pets

Your followers will fawn over a cute puppy. Watch your follower count rise when they see that charming “I’m hugging my new puppy” shot. It’ll make you seem more friendly and approachable. Be sure to extensively explain how you “rescued” it.

4. Brag about all the cool places you go.

vanlife insta famous cool places

It’s expected that if you are going to be van life famous, you need to be exploring the far reaches of the planet. You must visit secluded beaches. You must visit secluded forests. You must visit secluded deserts. And of course, make sure to take lots of photos as evidence. If you didn’t capture the moment in a picture and upload it to social media, did it really happen?

5. Get a drone.

van life instagram famous drone photography

How else will you brag about the cool places you go if you can’t take a distant aerial shot showcasing you in the center? You must also hide the controller so it looks like someone else took the photo.

6. Install “twinkle lights.”

twinkle little lights van life

A string of little lights running from one corner of your van to the next is a necessity in becoming a social media star. It says, “I’m trendy. I’m not like a regular person. I’m a cool person.”

Now you’re ready to be insta famous for van life!

~ Jojo 😛

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